Digital Handyman Services

Before there was a YouTube video about 'how to put up a shelf', there was only one place to go. You'd ask your dad (or put a nail through a water pipe by accident). So think of our Digital Handyman as your Digital Dad.

We've been in digital marketing for a long time, and have picked up a lot of skills along the way. We're depressingly good at Microsoft Excel, have probably figured out how that Wordpress plugin works, and we've sussed out Adobe Illustrator.

We know that the most important thing in life is time. So don't spend hours figuring out how to use Photoshop when you are only ever going to use it once. Life's too short!

We charge a flat, hourly rate of £40 to solve your problem and give you a finished document.


For a quote on how long your solution will take, please get in touch.

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Our handyman services include:

Website Updates & Wordpress help

  • Have a site that needs an image adding but don't want to hire a web developer? We can easily fix those plugins or add a video to your portfolio.

Automation of Excel documents

  • Let us review your current spreadsheets. We'll save you time by recommending exactly what we can automate, so that you can spend more time running your business (or just more time outside!).

Checking & improving Powerpoint presentations

  • If you have a big interview or pitch coming up and need a second set of eyes on it, we're here. We've spent our entire career pitching and reporting to big clients with Powerpoint software. We'll give you tips and tricks to get your presentation spot on.

Adobe Lightroom photo editing

  • This is one thing that we didn't pick up from our digital marketing careers. Photography is a passion of ours, and post-production is the key to making any photo look incredible. Here's what we mean!

wedding pre Adobe Lightroom Post Production
mountain pre Adobe Lightroom Post Production
wedding post Adobe Lightroom Post Production
mountain post Adobe Lightroom Post Production
  • If you have photos that need a little bit of a lift before you use in your online portfolio, or even some holiday snaps made to sparkle, then we can help.

    Adobe Illustrator design

    • Learning how to use the Adobe suite of software is a huge learning curve. If you only plan on using it once, that might not be something you have the time to do. We've produced everything from wedding invites to business cards using Illustrator so are perfectly placed to save you time.

    Data Analysis

    • There are big differences between facts and insights. A good insight can change the way you run your business. We'll analyse any data (whether Google Analytics, Adwords or other) to dig out fantastic actionable insights.